The Lost Kingdom Of Fraydelore- A Long Journey by Shaun A. Wheeldon


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  • Hardcover: 244 pages
  • Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers (22 July 2016)
  • Language: English
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Dellingthion, also known as the Golden City, has awoken to glorious news – the city has been gifted with a new Princess – Lillian. The Emperor and Empress couldn’t be happier with their healthy, happy new addition to the family and decree that all of Fraydelore should be made aware of their new precious miracle. That means that Smolg, the Emperor’s ever loyal arch-mage has an arduous quest to carry out. Accompanied by a team of knights – who are perhaps not as experienced as Smolg would have liked – he must spread the word and visit leaders throughout the land of Princess Lillian’s birth. Encountering fearsome beasts and magical ghouls along the way, the battalion must make smart decisions to try and ensure sure they all make it through the quest with their heads still attached. But with Smolg’s apparent apathy and the knights’ lack of common sense, the simple journey may have more perilous twists than originally thought…


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