The Elevator by Kenneth Passan


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In an area of New York City stands an old apartment building that is not supposed to exist. Deep inside its interior, the building has a life of its own which will become a global threat to all of mankind. It is just beginning to make its presence known by the deaths of a number of people, including one of its tenants. Her final ride down its demonic elevator brought her to the gates of hell and her earthly violent death. Police investigations, city engineering, architectural investigations, and legal assessments all came up with undetermined causes of death other than how they died. When all normal investigative paths are exhausted and things still don’t add up, causes other than rational are considered and explored. Soon paranormal investigators become involved and determine without a doubt that something serious, other than normal, is going on inside the building and the city evacuates the remaining tenants from the building. When the paranormal investigators realize how serious the situation is and that it’s beyond their expertise, they call in the heavy “artillery”: priest exorcists. When the exorcists finally take the reigns after official approval from the Catholic archdiocese and the long intensive exorcism begins, that’s when the minions of hell break loose-literally.


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