The Assassin’s Sacrifice by Jeff Suwak


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Four tales of swords, sorcery, and high adventure from Jeff Suwak.

In “The Assassin’s Sacrifice,” Heider Al’ Dinaffa enters the Smuggler’s Maze in the midnight city of Zabian to rescue children that the rest of the world has abandoned. Nobody in that place can be trusted, but he is willing to risk any sacrifice to make amends for the sins of his past. (This story was originally published in Plasma Frequency Magazine, Issue 11.)

In “Wild Blue Roses,” reports have gone out about a druid named Bril who has gone insane in his wilderness outpost and taken to murdering trappers working in the area. Tiernan goes into the mountains to inspect the situation and, if necessary, do whatever it takes to stop Bril. As if the situation wasn’t complicated enough, the two of them also happen to have once been best friends. (Originally published in The Colored Lens, Spring 2014.)

In “Scream of the Fire Orchid,” the warrior Azla goes into the jungle to find several scouts who disappeared on a mission to find a mountain pass that would allow them to attack their enemy’s rear position. In the silence of the wilderness she will come face to face with all the demons that the roar of the battlefield had been quieting in her mind. (This was originally published in Bards and Sages Quarterly, January 2016).)

In “Four Nails for Pietro,” a young woman enslaved by an evil showman will fight to make sure that no more young girls are ever taken like she was. (This previously unpublished.)


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