Still Waters Run Deep by M. J. Manley


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  • Paperback: 196 pages
  • Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC (May 2, 2018)
  • Language: English
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Still Waters Run Deep by M. J. Manley

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to serial killers. Some are captured and sentenced to death, while others still lurk in communities throughout the world.

Author Michael J. Manley contends that you can’t truly write about something unless you experience it yourself. He lived in the same neighborhood as one of the most notorious serial killers in Los Angeles, and he visited Springfield, Massachusetts, where nine serial killings were committed. He writes of the pain and horror that entire communities experience, as two contemporary serial killers on opposite ends of the country leave their dead to be found in bodies of water or alleyways.

Based on true stories, the novel Still Waters Run Deep: The Tales of Two Cities That Suffered from Serial Killings: Springfield, Massachusetts & Los Angeles, California delves into the behaviorism that serial killers have in common. What is it that drives these mass murderers to kill?

Still, Waters is a must-read for those who need to know the mystery inside the murderous minds of serial killers.

Born in the Los Angeles community of Watts, Michael J. Manley graduated from the School of Forensic Sciences at the University of California, Berkeley. He interned at the University of California. Now retired, this is the author’s seventh published novel. He does not just write but researches his stories to “script” the concepts and theoretical premises of people with obstructive, compulsive behaviorism.

Games of the Gods! by M. J. Manley

Games of the Gods, The Mythological Greek Ancient Gods, employ The Youth Video Gamers to fight The Diabolic and Sinister Zoombies, Deadly Spiritual Demons that have burst out of transport waves of the Earth’s Atmospheric Spheres to corrupt the minds of humans.

The youthful Video Gamers use their incredible skills, controlling their Joy Stick to a Live War-time Video Battle with Gaming Applications. The Greek Gods, through their Portals on Earth, employ youth throughout the world to FIGHT and KILL their Enemies.

Humans were given the ability by the Gods to expertly control the Video Games from implants into their DNA made untold ages ago from The Fox-47, which was placed in the Gene Cell Genome, knowing one day the Gods would return to save Mother Earth. The War of the Galaxy/Gamers begins.

Games of the Gods is the second novel in the Gene Factor trilogy. When the implants in the Human Genome, the FOX-47 genetic cell factor that was placed into Man’s DNA awakens, the Gods return into their Portals on Earth to direct the youth who will fight through Video War Technology to kill the enemy.

Following the first novel, The Gene Factor; this second book explores the ancient mystery – that Mankind was visited by Alien Gods millions of years ago – and those Gods implanted into the Genome of the DNA the skills to fight Deadly Forces that would be needed one day on Earth. That Day Has Arrived in the novel Games of the Gods.

The Uber-Groover by M. J. Manley

This is the true story of how an Uber driver experienced face-to-face fear from drug dealers, gang bangers and criminals as a taxi driver for Uber.

Mitchell Martinez, the Uber-Groover, gives his account of driving for the taxi service Uber, with over 1,000 passengers who experienced the rides of their lives in cities from San Diego to San Francisco.

A “Jerry Springer saga on wheels,” Mitchell Martinez gives his true confession and documents his experience of driving for Uber while coping with a war-time injury he incurred while serving in the United States Army during the Iraq war.

Shocked and disappointed to discover that the German word “uber” is defined as superior; above from the Deutschland dictionary and devastated that he drives for a mobile sweatshop on wheels, Martinez dismantles the Uber organization by filing a class action lawsuit for benefits and fair wages.

Uber, the word, lives up to its name that means in the German language: Slavery for Profit!


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