Plant Paradox/Lectin-Free Diet Cookbook 2018 by Pamela-anne Kinney


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There are a variety of techniques for balancing one’s energy, the easiest one being through diet. You may find that you will have to make some significant changes in your eating habits if you plan to go on a lectin-free diet. Traditional Chinese Medicine claims that people can voluntarily increase or decrease the amount of energy (physical, mental and spiritual) in their body, resulting in creating or destroying, the harmony needed for optimal health and wellness. Hopefully, the collection of healthy recipes within these pages will help you to begin your new healthy eating habits and lifestyle! My goal with this book is to attempt to encourage you to eat healthier foods, avoiding lectin-rich foods. If you follow the Plant Paradox diet you will undoubtedly benefit from it, use it to help you to maintain balance in your body so it can continue to serve you well—adding to your overall health and happiness!


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