Kill Slade by Victor M Alvarez


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  • Paperback: 232 pages
  • Publisher: Victor M Alvarez (April 30, 2018)
  • Language: English
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In the cold dead of night, the Hatcher brothers break into Slade’s house, kill his wife of six years, Emily, and leave him for dead. But Slade is still breathing when his friend Josh Evans and his wife Lynn, Emily’s twin sister, find him draped over his wife’s body. After six months of recuperation, Slade and Evans set out on the trail of revenge.

In the town of Oakhill, Texas, Evans is killed, but not before Slade shoots and kills the outlaw in a gunfight. Taking his body back to his wife by train, Slade is attacked by another of Hatcher’s gang.

When he returns to Oakhill, Slade is attacked once again in his hotel room by one of the Hatcher brothers and a gang of four other outlaws. After a furious gun battle where Slade is injured.

Then Slade and Lynn Evans join thirty members of Company C, of the Texas Rangers out of Austin as they ride toward the remaining Hatcher’s hideout. They are ambushed in a gorge. Several rangers, in running gun battles, kill the outlaws one by one. But in the process Lynn Evans is mortally wounded.

Slade survives and now put his guns to use once again, as he takes up the badge of the Texas Rangers.


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