Dragon’s Blood: Story of the Brethren 2 by LaVerne Thompson


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A romantic fantasy.
Can you hear my dragon roar?

After losing her mother at a very young age, Arianna’s world changed when her father came to get her. He took her across the Atlantic Ocean, away from everything she’d ever known and loved. But once again she’s forced to cross the Atlantic, this time leaving everything she’d grown to love behind. Running from the thing that had killed her remaining parent, running for her life. And fleeing from the being she’d dreamt of for half her life. Nothing could save her, she didn’t believe in myths and fairytales. Didn’t believe in the man with the eyes that flashed gold. She could trust no one. Not even the voice whispering in her head she recognized as her own.

Talon had come to Earth searching for his true mate. Knowing she was near but still so very far away. Only able to reach her when they both closed their eyes but waking up to find it had all been nothing but a dream. Until one day he heard her cry of pain and felt the crippling pang of fear that invaded her mind. She needed him, but he couldn’t find her. Not until she released her block against him. He just hoped it would not be too late. Because an ancient enemy roamed Earth once more and hunted his true mate. It was a race as to which one of them would find her first. Talon would not lose.

This is not an erotic romance but it does contain sexual content and violence suitable for 18+


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