Broken Childhood, Mended Dreams by Jimmy Lee


  • Paperback: 361 pages
  • Publisher: James Lee (September 5, 2018)
  • Language: English
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Jimmy Lee’s autobiography; his life and adventures from wartime care-home child and naval rating to country sportsman, music club owner, respected composer and musician, traces the rise of this remarkably determined man. It is interspersed with hilarious and sometimes shocking anecdotes of his many adventures. Born into a working class family during the second world war, as a child he witnessed the dogfights between the RAF and the German Luftwaffe, the ‘doodlebugs’ – flying bombs – and the preparations for the ‘D-Day’ landings. His early life was spent living in the villages bordering the South Downs in Sussex, attending local schools and in his spare time learning the traditions essential to country life. At the age of fourteen he ran away from home and joined the Royal Navy but it did not take him long before he realized his mistake, and, seven years later, after many tribulations and severe punishments, he finally obtained his discharge papers. His life then lead him into the world of music, a successful business career, the development of a popular sporting estate and music club, before he finally rediscovered his true calling as a composer and performer of his own particular style of music.Jim has had a varied and interesting life and his autobiography sheds a light on a part of British life that is now disappearing. His journey has been as much one of self-discovery as finding a meaningful career and, despite the harsh experiences he has endured, he has pursued his quest and finally discovered his true self and his lifetime partner.


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